Sentinel Innovation is committed to managing environmental matters as an integral part of our business. In particular, it is our sustainability policy to assure the integrity of our processes and facility at all times and at all places. We will do so by adhering to the following principles.


  • Comply fully with the letter and spirit of environmental laws and regulations. Where existing laws and regulations are not adequate to assure the protection of safety and/or the environment, we will establish and meet our own quality standards.
  • Consider environment factors and the full acquisition, use, and disposal costs when making planning, purchasing, and operating decisions.
  • Commit to identify and comply with environmental, health and safety requirements and labor laws.
  • Work continuously to improve the effectiveness of our Environmental Management System (EMS) which includes our EHS (Health & Safety) System
  • Provide appropriate environmental training and educate our employees to be environmentally responsible.
  • Monitor our environmental performance regularly though rigorous evaluations.
  • Seek to prevent pollution before it is produced, reduce the amount of waste at our facility, and support pollution prevention by our customers and suppliers.
  • Use energy efficiently throughout our operation.
  • Re-use and recycle whenever possible.
  • Reduce inefficient and/or unnecessary materials used.
  • Work cooperatively with others to further common environmental objectives.
  • Communicate and reinforce this policy with our employees, suppliers and the community.