In 1858, a resident of Hempstead had the dream to begin a weekly newspaper that would publish the events in his town. John Hentz began the publication of The Queens County Sentinel in his barn with the desire to serve his local community. During the next five generations Sentinel would evolve from The Queens County Sentinel, The Hempstead Sentinel, Sentinel Printing and now Sentinel Innovation.

At Sentinel, we are proud of where we come from. As a newspaper, we reported on all the daily and weekly activities of our community and to this day the Hempstead Sentinel is the most accurate record of daily life for the Village of Hempstead (our papers are immortalized in microfiche at the Hempstead Public Library).

We are also excited about where we are going. With eyes on the future, we serve the business world by delivering creative print solutions. Celebrating 160 years of business we have embraced change while never losing focus on why we are in business: to provide our clients with the most effective print and marketing solutions within their budget.

In our first 100 years, we helped businesses bring clients through their doors by printing meaningful ads in our newspaper. We served our community by bringing information to all residents about great things that were happening, such as the South’s surrender at Appomatox or VE Day.

Today, we help businesses by partnering in their success, the success of their print and marketing efforts. By working closely with marketing professionals we provide innovative ideas to help them accomplish their goals.

As a business with a conscience, our focus on the community has never wavered. We continue to serve in a number of business and philanthropic organizations and we participate in a number of sustainable organizations.

During 2011, Sentinel completed registration in the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership, the leading comprehensive sustainability certifier of print facilities. The solar panels installed on our buildings were the first of their kind in the Village of Hempstead.

During 2015 we engaged a new partner, PrintReleaf, an organization that allows us to reforest our paper consumption where our planet needs it most. Based on our paper consumption for our clients, we’ve made an ethical decision to reforest the paper that we print on, directly.

Our passion to embrace change for the good of our stakeholders will never waiver and our commitment to bring innovative ideas move us forward as we remain in the service of others.