We have been designing and printing calendars since 1950 and the years have provided us with a wealth of experience and expertise. From calendar stickers to wall calendars we can help make sure the 365 days of the year are produced with the proper care they all deserved. We’ll even print and extra day every four years at no charge (don’t forget about Leap Year).

Here are a few considerations to keep in mind when creating your calendar.

  • As with all marketing, carefully consider your target market and all dates and holidays that are important to them. For example you wouldn’t want to leave off Flag Day if you were producing a calendar for the American Legion.
  • Hire a professional proofreader. Calendars typographic mistakes stick out like a sore thumb (that’s one of the benefits of our years of experience). It’s also very embarrassing to have a mistake in spelling for any cultural holiday.
  • Prepare for the hole punch. Designers sometimes neglect to remember where the hole will drill on a calendar that hangs from the wall.
  • Do you intend to have your users write on your calendar? Aqueous coating on coated sheets helps create vibrancy to the printed product but it will not work well when people are writing on the calendar. Likewise, if you’re producing a desk calendar it may be best to keep it simple and avoid images that may not work well on an uncoated sheet.
  • Working with calendar templates saves considerable design time. The costliest portion of the design time on custom calendar creation is the date and holiday creation. We have created templated calendars to get you started.
  • Determine your distribution list before printing. Know how many you need to create and how you will ship because some binding systems do not travel through the USPS well. Inquire with us how you prefer to ship and we will advise you in the best binding system.

For more information about Sentinel Innovation’s custom calendar print services, please call us at 516–486–5000 or use the request button below.