We are glad to take away any stress or strain related to collation, kitting and packing. Whether you have a promotional mailing, trade show, or event packaging we can make sure your kits are ready to put a smile on the face of all your prospects. Kitting is often the last step in a detail oriented project and can involve pieces with a higher value than a typical mailing project.


We encourage our clients to take the following under consideration when preparing a kitting project.

  • Always work backwards. Understand your deadline and all the elements that will be contained within your kit. Timelines need to be built by the element within the kit that will take the longest.
  • Allow ample time for shipping. If your deadline is firm, you want to give yourself plenty of time to ship in the most economical way possible as the shipping can sometime become the most expensive aspect of a project.
  • First impressions last forever. What will the first thing your prospect sees when they open their kit? Sloppy packaging or unplanned packing can adversely affect the intended result of your kit.
  • Make sure your data is clean. As with any mailing project, check your data before you begin your project. We advise clients to submit their data or their test files before we begin projects to ensure that dirty data doesn’t delay the desired result.
  • Careful planning and detailed design will produce dynamic results. Plan all aspects of your kit to work as one cohesive project. Be careful when you take elements from different projects and throw together as a smorgasbord of items.

For more information about Sentinel Innovation’s custom kitting print services, please call us at 516–486–5000 or use the request button below.