Posters can be printed on many substrates in virtually any size. Offset or digital, we can produce them in virtually any quantity. Important considerations when producing posters include:

  • where they will be displayed
  • how they will be mounted
  • will they be displayed inside or outside (will they need to be lightfast)
  • will they be exposed to weather conditions
  • how long will they be displayed
  • if they go in frames
  • is there a protective lens
  • is there a frame that will need the graphics to allow for a border (most frames are ½ Inch or thicker which would influence design)
  • will they ship to multiple locations requiring protective packing when shipping


Sentinel Innovation can help you through the process to be sure you maximize the impact of your poster presentations.

For more information about Sentinel Innovation’s poster print services, please call us at 516–486–5000 or use the request button below.