First Impressions last forever.

Quite often the first impression we make upon a new prospect is our business card. Your business and brand will be represented in a split second. Our goal is your goal, to ensure that every contact point you encounter with friends, clients and prospects represents who you are what your business wants to convey.

Our clients understand that the most important consideration in creating your business card is the message you desire to convey. The benefit of working with Sentinel is we will help you define and deliver that message.


Considerations to make when creating and designing your business cards.

Who’s your recipient? Do you do a large amount of networking? Are your cards given only to prospects? Are your cards only distributed face-to-face or are they picked up off a counter? What impression do you want to make? Would you like to have two sets of cards, inexpensive and sophisticated depending on the audience?

At Sentinel, we don’t print business cards for everyone, we only print the ones that truly matter.

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Please inquire about our green options for business cards.