There are many ways to make your design more environmentally friendly. The big keys are better products and using less on them. Some ways to green your design include:

  • Use a better products, like a recycled paper with a high post-consumer fiber content.
  • Consider layouts that use less ink coverage. “Paint” job is the term many pressmen use to describe a design where the entire page is covered with ink; so think whiter and cleaner in your design.
  • Do not use bleeds in your layouts. A design without bleed can usually be placed on a smaller sheet size or ganged easier for less waste.
  • Use alternatives to foil stamping, like embossing.
  • Use more earth friendly Pantone colors.
  • Go Glueless. When creating brochures or folders with pockets, design flaps to insert into each other which eliminates the use of glue.
  • Print only what you need with digital short run device. It uses less paper waste with little or no chemical cleanup.