Created in a multitude of sizes and a rainbow of colors, envelopes are the courier for our most prized messages. Whether you’re mailing an invitation, brochure or personal message, there’s a envelope that can best serve you.


There are unique considerations when printing envelopes because they are pre-manufactured die cut pieces (pre-made envelopes are not flat sheets of paper). Below is a checklist we walk our clients through to be sure they maximize their envelope results.


The Envelope Checklist

  • How many pieces are you producing? Small quantities require envelopes that are readily available.
  • What is the size of the insert going into the envelope (size and thickness)?
  • Are the envelopes you’re looking for readily available? Some paper grades are available off the shelf while others have to be manufactured for special orders.
  • Are you looking to print with a design that has bleeds? Because there is no final trim to a premade envelopes, printing with bleeds is generally a bad idea.
  • Does your design have lines of copy that print close the edge of the envelope? Printing lines of copy near the edge of the envelope can create a situation where the copy appears crooked. The die cutting process for envelope does not produce all envelopes that are perfectly square (not all envelopes are created equal).
  • Would you consider converting your envelopes instead of using premade envelopes? Converting envelopes gives users flexibility in design and paper selection but generally adds significantly to cost. Consider converting for quantities greater than 5,000 pieces and design for standard sized envelopes as not every envelope size is readily available.
  • Did you design your mailing package with your envelope in mind? We encourage our clients to think of the envelope first when designing a mailing package. The sizes of all mailing pieces will be dictated by the size of the envelope you would like to use.

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